Centennial Celebration

Romania Day on Broadway – XIX Edition


The Centennial Anniversary of Romania Day Festival - successfully celebrated
on Sunday May 20th on Broadway

Against a backdrop of threatening weather, Romanians have showed up in record numbers along spectators and tourists from over 100 countries to celebrate under what turned out to be a bright and sunny Centennial Anniversary of Romania Day Festival. The special edition of this XIX Festival was honored by the presence of H.E. George Cristian Maior, Romanian Ambassador to Washington DC, as well as by Rep. Joe Wilson (R- SC) and H.E. Ion Jinga, Romanian Ambassador to the UN who joined the organizers at a Dinner Gala the same day.

This year and for the first time in the United States, Doinița Ensemble from Bucharest made a spectacular appearance with a comprehensive dance program from various parts of Romania. They have carried with them dozens of handmade folk costumes and a great patriotic and energizing spirit. As in the last fifteen years, the Banatul Group joined the performance as well, celebrating 50 years since this group and the social organization was launched.

Veteran stars of Romanian folk music participated, including George Rotaru, Valeria Arnăutu, Brândusa Covalciuc and Ciprian Cocalia. The Festival benefited greatly from the participation of a younger generation of performers including Anastasia Roguț, Petru Palade, Iuliana Roată and Mihaela Apostol.

The award ceremony this year honored The Best Romanian Diplomat in the US. The winner was H.E. George Cristian Maior, our envoy to Washington DC, a career public servant who has been working tirelessly at bettering relations between the United States and Romania, while strengthening the NATO partnership and the relationship between our Diaspora and the Washington elite. Mr. Maior thanked the organizers and vowed to continue his efforts to serve his nation and all people of Romania.

Another George was the recipient of another RABC award. The Best RABC Member recognition went to George Naghiu, Managing Director based in Cluj Napoca, who contributed enormously to the success of the RABC growth in Romania as well as with the aids for the funding of the event.



RABCUS Fratii Minovici Foundation Christian Tour
MIC & Associates Romanian National Tourist Office Epure Lizac
Serviciul de Salvare Bucuresti Northwell Health MDRT
Fundatia Universitara Carol I Green Group CCIJ

Note from the Producer


Stefan Minovici I have created this special event for the people and the country where I was born and grew up in order to honor the memory of our ancestors and my beloved Romania and its countrymen.

The centennial occasion represents a unique celebration of our tremendous past, impressive present and promising future. Our goal and commitment to strengthen the bond between our two nations has seen unprecedented results and historical achievements.

We will continue to inspire, motivate, build, develop, educate and cherish the best that our world has to offer from values and traditions to opportunitiesand achievements. Thank you for joining us today to celebrate 100 years of Romanian unity, struggle, strength and resilience, here in New York City at the Centennial Edition of the RomaniaDay on Broadway Festival.

I am humbled and honored by your continuous support.

Stefan Minovici


Past Guests of Honor

Joe Wilson Hon. Joe Wilson
Congressman (R-SC)

“I would like to extend my congratulations on this Centennial Anniversary of Romania to all of you who are celebrating at the 2018 Romanian Day on Broadway Festival in New York City.
I especially appreciate the leadership and efforts of Mr. Stefan Minovici and the Romanian American Business Council to organize this commemorative event. It is an honor to represent the people of the Second Congressional District of South Carolina. Please accept my best wishes as you celebrate Romania’s Centennial!”
May 2018
Daniel Lipinski Hon. Daniel Lipinski
Congressman (D-Ill)
Co-Chair of the Romanian Caucus
in the US Congress

"I would like to extend my warmest regards and greetings to you all as you celebrate the Romanian Day Festival on Broadway. I wish you a celebratory and festive day recognizing the culture and achievements of Romania….I am honored to have joined my friend and colleague Congressman Mike Turner as the co-chair of the Romanian Caucus of the U.S. Congress. I commend Ștefan Minovici, the Romanian American Business Council and all of you on your energy and spirit in celebrating the Romania Day Festival today."
May 2017
Kirsten-Gillibrand Kirsten Gillibrand
Senator (D-NY)

"From George Enesco's Rhapsodies to Nobel Laurate Eli Wiesel's powerful works to the Romanian Film festival, the Romanian Community has made and continues to make significant contributions to our state. I want to thank Stefan Minovici for his leadership in bringing together this event and giving us the opportunity to lean about and celebrate Romania's rich cultural history. "
May 2016
George Maior H.E. Romanian Ambasador
George Maior

"I am honored to be here and celebrate with you all the 17th Day of Romania on Broadway Festival. The main reason for me being here is to recognize and salute the substantial role of the Romanian- American community to the long and solid diplomatic, politic and cultural relationships Romania has succeeded to build with the United States."
May 2016
Michael Turner Hon. Mike Turner,
Congressman (R-OH)
Co-Chair of the Romanian Caucus
in the US Congress

"It is a great pleasure to
join you today on the XVI Edition of the Romania Day Festival, and to reiterate our full support for your government and the people of Romania in the United States Congress. I am impressed with Stefan's love and passion for Romania and its people, and I commend him for this remarkable accomplishment."
May 2015
Loretta Sanchez Hon. Loretta Sanchez
Congresswoman (D-CA),
Co-Chair Romanian Caucus

"Romania is the most important U.S. ally in the Black Sea region, a proud country that has shown its true spirit and values over the last century in the relationship with its American friend and partner. I am delighted to be part of the XV Edition of the Romanian Day Festival on Broadway and want to thank its organizers, particularly to Stefan Minovici for this major effort and accomplishment."
June 2014
Wesley Clark Gen. Wesley Clark - Commander of NATO Forces in Europe
(1993 – 1997)

You are a true inspiration to Romanians all over the world and the Romania Day Festival helps bring this NATO friend and ally closer to the American hearts and minds.
May 2012
Paterson David Paterson
- Governor of the
State of New York
(2008 – 2010)

I declare May 1st the National Day of Romania, and the month of May, the month of Romanian Heritage in the State of New York.
May 2010
Bloomberg Michael R. Bloomberg -
Mayor New York City
(2002 – 2013)

I want to thank MIC & Associates and Ziua Romania pe Broadway for their help and support in organizing this Festival, a unique celebration of Romanians
all over the world in the capital of the world, New York City. May 2009
Rudolph Giuliani Rudolf Giuliani
- Mayor New York City
(1994 – 2001)

This unique event is a remarkable accomplishment of the Romanians all over America and a testimony of your nation's strength and commitment to the special relationship between the two countries.
May 2006
Ion Iliescu Ion Iliescu
- President of Romania
(1992 -1996) &
(2000 – 2004)

It is a real honor and a pleasure to attend your event and be here among the wonderful Romanian-American people.
Thank you for your kind invitation and for remarkable work Mr. Minovici.
May 2002
Constantinescu Emil Constantinescu - President of Romania (1996 – 2000)

A real accomplishment and
a major event for Romanians in the United States. On behalf of my government, I want to thank all of those who organized this Festival, especially to Mr. Minovici.
May 2001
King Michael of Romania H.M. King Michael I
of Romania

I want to thank Mr. Minovici for his support and dedication and especially for making this very special event happen. My family and I are deeply grateful for your initiative and accomplishments. Long live Romania Day Festival on Broadway!
May 2000